HypnoBiosis and SnooZZeaZZy Present Restoring Restful Sleep


  • Do you feel unimportant, useless, worthless, invisible, and severely challenged by life? 
  • Have you been an unwilling spectator as your life unravels?
  • Are you irritable and angry?
  • Do you wake up groggy?
  • Can you catch-up your “sleep burden” on the weekend?

Benefits of Dr. Jean’s Program in ReEstablishing Proper Sleep:

You will:

  • Wake up refreshed, relaxed and ready to meet the challenges of the new day
  • Stop unwanted catastrophizing
  • Bring clarity and focus back into your family, relationships, friends, and your work
  • Make better choices and find more meaningful solutions
  • Diminish exaggerated fear and overwhelming anxiety
  • Reengineer, regenerate and rebuild a new meaningful life post-pandemic

Taking Control:

Go forward with Dr. Jean!

Dr Jean is an internationally recognized coach and mentor for other sleep dysfunction practitioners. During these challenging times, Dr Jean took on the additional challenge of including individuals, as well as groups to reestablish restful sleep coaching. Are your pills no longer working and are you worried about drug complications? Are your symptoms getting worse?

Dr Jean’s program is drug-free and results in 1) absence of drug complication, 2) drug interactions or 3) side effects.

Action Plan:

With 25 years of experience, HypnoBiosis achieved systems that work for tilting dysfunctional sleep into restful nights. Whether you suffer now since the pandemic or all your life, our method can achieve remarkable results in a short time. Stop the effects of sleep problems, now!

Your sleep hygiene plays a prominent role in how well you sleep. For example, if you eat late at night or consume a lot of caffeine or alcohol, you might not sleep well. Also, many people spend a lot of time watching television or using their tablets or computers before bed. The emitted blue light from the screens stimulates your mind to regained wakefulness and destroy your sleep.

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Restoring Sleep:

In previous surveys, greater than 35% of adults suffered from sleep dysfunction. Today that number is rising exponentially. Restful sleep is no longer a given unless you are a baby. Coaching by a sleep expert helps greatly. Restore your peaceful night and banish your growing sleep burden.

It is easy and natural to take advantage of this limited opportunity to restore sleep with Dr. Jean. One-on-one sessions occur in your own home online. This lessens the risks of travel and infection. If you want to restore sleep NOW click the button to start

Causes and Symptoms of the Growing Sleep Epidemic:

Today, the pandemic and its horrifying effects are a major contributor to the growing anxiety and sleeplessness in our society. This exponential growth is also happening throughout the world. If you wake up unrested, perhaps even angry, it may not be just a single night of discomfort. String those nights together and you may be increasing your sleep burden and increasing your chance of poor health. As your sleep burden increases, your risk of other health issues goes up including diabetes, hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, depression and other mental health issues. Sleeplessness greatly affects your relationship whether at home or at work.

Waking up when you feel irritable, confused, angry, unfocused, and perhaps a tad out of control (junk food delight), is a sign that you are acquiring a burdensome sleep debt (Pelayo, R., et al., 2016). Too much sleep, as well as too little sleep may indicate a behavior of avoidance or frustration. This creates worries which simply cycle back around. This cycling concern includes anxiety about sleep that includes new worries about the inability to regain the required amount of restorative and peaceful sleep.

Sleep dysfunction is also associated with:

  1. Drug side-effects
  2. Pill interactions
  3. Pain of any sort
  4. Chronic and genetic diseases

Even though there are approximately 100 diagnoses for sleep dysfunction, we at SnooZZeaZZy and HypnoBiosis break down sleep problems into just 5 categories.

These 5 hallmarks of disturbed sleep include:

  • Trouble and a delayed ability to fall asleep
  • Waking up intermittently and often (greater than 2-3 times a night) during the night
  • Continually rising too early
  • Waking up tired and irritated even with your eyes being closed for hours
  • Combinations of the above


A note form Dr. Jean:  during and Post-Pandemic:  All Consultation for Complementary & Integrative Healing will take place virtually (Zoom™ or Skype™) to meet the challenges and uncertainty of our time