Dr. Jean Eljay


Dr. Jean earned both a doctorate in Medical and Clinical Genetics and a master’s degree in Molecular Genetics from the Johns Hopkins University and the Johns Hopkins University Hospital. Dr. Jean was awarded post-doctoral positions at the Rockefeller University, NY and at the Hematology Division of the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health, MD. His sabbatical at Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital focused on cancer research and wellness. Continuing his education, he certified as a Master Trainer (“Train the Trainers”) in 4 International Organizations. Additionally, Dr. Jean continues to teach classes for Complementary and Integrated Healing (CIH) and for Advanced Certified Hypnotists.


One thing is for sure, extensive experience matters when helping individuals move from unhealthy behaviors to healthy ones. Dr. Jean’s practice includes over a quarter of a century dedicated to using an arsenal of integrated techniques and patented processes to help individuals move forward in their lives.


As an established worldwide author and renowned lecturer for non-profit organizations, associations, academic communities and for the members of the corporate world, he brings healing practices from the laboratory to the bedside. Advances only take place when they reach the bedside and move from suggested outcomes to reality. Over the past 25 years, Dr. Jean continues to excel as a lecturer for Complimentary and Integrated Healing (CIH). As a backer of outcomes research, he values the benefits of experience whether in clinical medicine or in CIH. His extensive academic experiences in the top USA universities bring focus and clarity to his counseling, coaching, lectures, workshops, and classes.


As the founder of HypnoBiosis and SnooZZeaZZy, divisions of Blue Swallow Consulting, LLC, he brings clarity and balance during these uncertain times. Both HypnoBiosis and SnooZZeaZZy depend on Dr. Jean’s expertise in biology and genetics. Bringing harmony and balance to individuals, groups and organizations is the founding principle behind both divisions. Since the pandemic and the unescapable certainty of uncertainty in this chaotic world, Dr Jean fosters individual harmony and balance. The forward journey to be centered is a major high plain path to an optimal quality of life.


HypnoBiosis and SnooZZeaZZy specialize in reducing the factors associated with anxiety, relationships, pain, anger, unhealthy and or addictive behavior, obesity, stress, depression, assorted sleep-disorders, fear, and phobias, as well as specific disease including, but not limited to diabetes, coronary risk and heart disease, cancer, genetic diseases, intestinal disorders e.g., heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, reflux, etc. and other debilitating disorders.


Initially certified in 1993, Dr Jean focused on complementary & integrated healing. His specialties include: 


Pain Management as fostered by Healthy Visions Wellness Center; in Ericksonian hypnosis as pioneered by Dr. Milton H. Erickson; in Parts Therapy as practiced by Charles Tebbetts and taught by C. Roy Hunter as well as several other important systems for Self-hypnosis. Additionally, he studied NeuroLinguistic Programming as taught by the National Federation of Neurolinguistic Programming. Other advanced studies were in 5- Path and 7th-Path in Advanced Techniques of Hypnosis. Relationship Coding developed and taught by Debbie Papadakis. Most recently Dr. Jean is studying and evolving a deeper form of hypnosis based on the pioneering work of Dr. James Esdaile. The sum of this extensive commitment to healing allows Dr. Jean to formulate a unique set of tools for each one-on-one client. This represents a dynamic personal plan for individual growth and clarity.


A word from Dr. Jean:


“Thank you for considering Complementary and Integrated Healing (CIH) as a benefit for maintaining and improving the quality of your life. My goal is to provide individualized and confidential counseling and healing to you in a comfortable and relaxed environment. The healing process focuses on using your own goals and experiences to foster your journey to health. We aim to eliminate all blocks and all reasons for standing in your own way. This proven system provides a clear path to health and happiness. Our well-documented services are based on experiences gained over a 25-year period of providing ethical and quality care. Our goal is to foster a long-term commitment to wellness. This is accomplished by applying the newest and most dynamic techniques in healing and counseling.


I enjoy seeing individuals take back control of their lives by changing harmful and energy draining behavioral patterns. In this way, your core will be reinforced and reestablished in your daily life. In general, our techniques, processes and systems which include the Esdaile state will aid in bringing about these long-lived personal changes. Eliminating high-dose drugs (done under a physician’s care) provides healing without pill interactions, adverse complications, or debilitating side-effects.


Getting in touch with your dreams, passions and goals will improve the quality and functionality of your life.”


Take the time now to assure that you will gain these life-time skills and insights. You will foster a healthful routine as you dynamically move through today tomorrow and your future.”


Care Philosophy

Are you ready to change your life? Do you want to start moving in a centered and positive direction? Are you passing your time and not fully enjoying the wonderful people, things around you and the daily opportunities presented to you?


HypnoBiosis and SnooZZeaZZy, divisions of Blue Swallow, LLC provide*:


  • Confidential
  • Personalized tailor-made counseling
  • One-on-One sessions
  • Professional, certified, and credentialed counselors
  • Ultramodern advance cognitive behavioral hypnotic counseling
  • Light trance NeuroLinguistic Programming for change and success
  • Family Friendly
  • Short-term counseling
  • Long-term benefits
  • Medically verified in outcomes clinical trials
  • General skill set that benefits a lifetime
  • Always safe
  • No side effects
  • No toxicities
  • Natural and safe
  • Carefree sleep and reduced anxiety an easy result


The counseling is family friendly while following the highest professional standards. The benefit of this approach is short-term counseling with long-term results. Do you want positive results in your life? Indeed, the skill of self-hypnosis once mastered is a benefit that steers you to personal positive change and new insights. This of great value in managing life’s challenges. Hypnosis counseling is safe and rejects the usual drug-induced side-effects and treatment toxic complications, while reducing stress, anxiety and worry.


By learning self-hypnosis, you will discover a dynamic way to face challenges throughout your life. One major focus of HypnoBiosis and SnooZZeaZZy is to reinvest in your daily life to take back control and provide a new sense of freedom. The need for a new you and a timely reinvention may occur after a devastating and shattering personal experience, a debilitating disease, chronic pain, a misstep in your day-to-day existence or other factors related to this pandemic.


Whether the event is an adverse cardiovascular occurrence, a social catastrophe or any other serious and life-threatening event, hypnosis allows you to move forward with your life. For example, in cardiovascular diseases, we focus on altering predisposing behaviors e.g., weight or smoking, reducing pain and moving forward with a positive less-stressed life. While we focuses on the more critical and challenging behaviors that lead to diseases and the progression of disease predispositions we also bring these ultimate counseling techniques to weight loss, smoking cessation, relaxation, and sleep disorders as well as other behaviors including phobias.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office directly at (484) 574-1144.


*Medical disclaimer:


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